The Young Adult Borough Center (YABC) at Abraham Lincoln High School is designed specifically for over-age under-credited students who want to earn a high school diploma. Candidates must be at least 17 ½ years of age (have completed the school year in which they turned 17 years of age,) be in their fifth year of High School, an active student in a full time New York City Public High School and must have earned a minimum of 17 credits.

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Learning to Work (LTW)

Learning to Work (LTW) is an in-depth job readiness, career exploration, academic support, and student support program designed to enhance the academic component of the YABC at Abraham Lincoln High School.

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Connecting Students to the World of Work

Former Intern(now part-time employee at Walgreens) and current LTW Intern

Lincoln YABC Takes Leadership Trip

On November 1, the YABC program at Abraham Lincoln High School went to Rhinebeck, NY to Camp Ramapo for an all-day retreat where participants completed high ropes challenges, team-building activities and icebreakers.

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Lincoln YABC Participant Meets President Obama!

Gregorio Baez, a participant from our YABC at Abraham Lincoln High School, recently met President Barack Obama. Read his thoughts on this amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience and his belief that anything is possible when you set your mind to it

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Lincoln YABC Receives an A! In College & Career Readiness

CUNY 2014 FALL AND SPRING APPLICATIONS CUNY's fall admission application for 2014 is now open:

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College Tour

On Friday, October 4th, 2013, the Young Adult Borough Center at Abraham Lincoln High School conducted its first “YABC Today, College Tomorrow” college tour of the school year. Seventeen students participated, the students represented a diverse mixture of academic interests and career aspirations. Students toured the campuses of SUNY Old Westbury College and Nassau Community College.

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        YABC Today, College Tomorrow!


On Friday, October 24th, 25 Lincoln YABC students got a firsthand look at the opportunities available to them after high school during a college tour trip to The Lincoln University and Delaware State University. Students had the chance to meet admissions officers, tour the campuses and speak with students who are first generation undergraduates. Students also had the chance to speak with undergraduates on the dorm experience and got advice on completing their college applications which they found helpful. Because of the college tour, Zevveron, a potential January 2015 graduate discovered that he “wants to go to a historically black college.” He added, “Lincoln University, that’s the type of college I want to go to.” Overall the college tour was a great experience for students. YABC Today, College Tomorrow!


 Lincoln YABC Mission Statement

To develop in our students a sense of self in both a social-emotional and academic environment. To demonstrate to our students through the use of teamwork and communication between students, advocates, and teachers how to better them in the three main objectives of Abraham Lincoln YABC:

1) Obtain a High School Diploma

2) Work with students to help them change the behaviors that brought them to us

3) Develop a clear, obtainable plan for the future


Together with our community ‐based partner Good Shepherd Services, we believe that every student deserves a second chance. We all make mistakes in our lives and we need to look forward to success rather than look to the mistakes we made in the past. We use portfolio assessment where the student develops a product in each class every night. Student attendance therefore is of utmost importance! Electives offered: Psychology, Police and Crime, CUNY Assessment Preparation in Math and English, Virtual Enterprise.

Community Based Organization Services: All students receive: Learning to Work, youth development programming, case counseling, career counseling, a primary person, post secondary planning, college & career exploration (including college campus visits & overnight trips); all registered students are eligible for paid internships & Learning to Work career education classes(credit‐bearing career exploration classes).